All clips in the piss fetish archive 04/2014

157672 - Madame Ellen: Chastity Sissy Training with pee reward

Sissy and KG SlaveW. is in the middle of its transformation. The goal is for him is to earn money for me later. The butt hole well trained by the plug, his woman's ass is made docile by hard blows with whip, cane and crop. After the walk training, a large portion of fresh piss from the Mistress awaits him as a reward.


158149 - Human Pet Drinking Piss!

This guy didn’t know what he got into when he became this woman’s boyfriend! Instead of a relationship, he received domination and punishment! Now, he is at her mercy and has become her slave! This situation is no different! She is walking him by the leash while he is down on all fours and following her on all fours!Eventually, she lays him down on the floor and then sits on his face! She rubs her bare pussy against his mouth, causing him to eat it as best as he can to keep her happy! But it doesn’t take long before she starts relieving herself, urinating into his mouth, leaving him with no choice but to drink piss directly from the source! She even makes sure to shoot every last drop, making sure to waste none!By the time she could no longer release anymore, she gets on top of him and stands on his body while wearing her pair of high heels! It doesn’t end there, she goes as far as stepping and stomping all over him, putting him in a lot more pain and suffering! There is nothing he could do but moan and ache in pain and suffering, but that only worsens the aggressiveness of the dominatrix!