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151144 - Swallow my delicious pee!!

Today was the perfect day for my slave. He had the honor to get to taste my pee for the first time. First i filled up a glass for him while he was allowed to watch. And of course he had to drink the full glass. But the absolute highlight was to have him drink my delicious piss straight out of my pu**y!!!


143003 - Golden Shower!

What a perfect view for my pee slave! I am wearing my panties since the day before, they are really smelly and it is absolute paradise for my slave to inhale scent of my panties while i facesit him. Since i have to pee really hard he is the lucky one to be allowed to swallow all my delicious piss. I am just pissing through the panties and make him suck on the panties after they are so wet full off my pee.