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43627 - Drink the piss of the ladies, slaves!

Greetings from clumsy: Rieke and Annika can not believe it - since the two ladies can come extra cleaning slave, but slave Peer and slave Johann can not get their requirements. It ranges throughout the two decided: the slave must be stuffed their mouths! First, the filthy pig ass rosettes of the two of the ladies are thoroughly inspected, with the eggs of the slaves are being slighted with kicks. But that's not enough. Lady Rieke has something special for the two piss slaves ready: She gives her plenty of gushing pee in a pitcher and served both these dirty pigs -she never tried bevor, of course, she even self tried it then...


43629 - Thoroughly licks you slaves!

The ladies Rieke and Annika have invited two lick slaves. Will they pass the test? Slave Peer gets first to lick lady Riekes shaved pussy. But why has the voluptuous lady a second servant, slave John may also participate in the leak test! The dirty floor is the second challenge of the leak slaves. Fortunately even a glass of pee is available: A special treat for the slave John, who drinks the pee with pleasure!